Sunday, 3 October 2010

my aunti

my aunti fetches me every day my mum and dad are at work. she is very kind to me,we go to her house like every day. we some times sleep at her house for fun. sometimes if we are moving house my mum,dad,brother and myself sleep downsairs on the floor. my aunti has a baby which i have already written about. my aunti's name is aunti iva but mummy for my cousin.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


every sunday my dad cuts his hair. my uncle doesn't cut his hair that other uncle doesn't like a change when he cuts his hair. i want to keep my hair long. my mum's hair is so messy. my dad is bold. my brother's hair is short but he only gells it when he goes to school. when my mum is off she always does my hair. my dad sends me to school. but when he is on night shift my mum sends me.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


my mummy loves me so much. i love her aswell. she is very kind to me. my mummy is a very good cook. she cooks food for everyone everyday. i like it. i help my mummy everytime she is off. my mummy has mum has a cupcake business. anyone want to order. if you want to order then go on every day i wake up go to her room then kiss her.

Friday, 20 August 2010

mummy and daddy

my mum and dad help me whenever i need help. they are really kind to me.

my dress

my nana made me a dress with loads of flowers. it is really nice. my mother has seen it on a picture. she like it. it only took two days to make the dress. my aunty likes it aswell. it is yellow. my baby cousin likes it aswll. my dress is now done and i am wearing it. my brother got p.j's from my nana. my nana is really good at making clothes. she doesn't make clothes for herself though. thats funny. my nana is a very busy women.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

my dad

my dad is very kind to me. he helps me with all of my homework. so does my mum. my dad gets me my food but i am fasting so is he. everyone in my family is fasting. but not my baby cousin.

my brother

my brother to me is annoying. we always fight at everyones house. but i like it when he gives me a piggy back. he is very good at maths and gymnastics. he is also very strong thats why he can give me a piggy back even my mum and his friends. sometimes his friends give him a piggy back. i like to jump on him and hit him with a pillow. but he dosn't mind becaus he is very strong. he always gets the blame when i do something bad and gets really annoyed. my brother is telling me what to write sometimes.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

my baby cousin

my baby cousins name is khairaldin. he is so so cute. he thinks i am funny. i play with him to distract him while my aunty changes his pampers.i like ticklinghim. he laughs so much.he likes fake phones. he knows if it works or not.he smiles if you try to trick him.he is very clever.he always screams if i carry him. he is alright with everyone else.he can now walk and he is not even one and a half. he is one.if yo carry a tissue and walk towards him he walks very fast becaus he knows you will wipe his nose.he has got loads of toys that even i like.


i can't believe i fast the hole day yesterday. i can't do it today. but i am only eight and i can fast a hole day. even my big brother couldn't do it at my age.i'm so proud of my self. it was really hard at the end when i was at home. i kept asking how many mins untill we could eat. i was so mother and farther were so proud of farther was surprised that i was eating today when he came home.i like waking up for sahur and eat with my family. i got a hole pck of sweets if i fast for the hole day.