Tuesday, 17 August 2010


i can't believe i fast the hole day yesterday. i can't do it today. but i am only eight and i can fast a hole day. even my big brother couldn't do it at my age.i'm so proud of my self. it was really hard at the end when i was at home. i kept asking how many mins untill we could eat. i was so hungry.my mother and farther were so proud of me.my farther was surprised that i was eating today when he came home.i like waking up for sahur and eat with my family. i got a hole pck of sweets if i fast for the hole day.


  1. well done you! I don't think I could fast for that long!

  2. Dont think of time. think of patience. Purify yourself through sacrifice and good deeds, and pray to Allah for humility.

    You are a very strong lady. I couldn't do this at eight. You are amazing!

    If nothing else, think of how great Sahoor will taste!! :D

    Great job!

  3. Sorry, Annie Zaffino is Courtney Perigosa's secret blog name ;-)

  4. Tok Mah is very proud of you.Keep it up girl n allah is always with you.But please do your 5x solat too.we never meet but I'm your nanna's sister. my regards to your parent n granddad n nanna.okay bye...

  5. good girl ainur! semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, rajin solat dan puasa. serta menjadi anak yang akan mendoakan ibu dan ayah bila mereka tiada nanti... amin!

  6. Alhamdulillah. Bravo Ainur!!! Now, fast for another 3 days, 1 day represent each week :) You must have target!

    Blogging at 8....what else you can do girl???? Your parents must be smiling from ear to ear.